UEFA Cup Final

While the league is running well, its time for another cup competition. Any info you need u can find in here !!!
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UEFA Cup Final

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Just the 4 month delay in getting this one played.....

Effe (Bayern Munich) 1 vs 0 Sky (Athletico Madrid)

Effe owned me here, about 14 shots to 5. I did well to lose by just one to be honest, only got back into the swing of things towards the end of the game. Effe also very sportingly deliberately missed a pen that was given for one of those crazy AI tackles so wp for that. Congrats champ and at least the disappointment of losing this will be outweighed by the fact that you won't be on my case to get this played every time I see you now :D
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Re: UEFA Cup Final

Post by Akaash »

wp effe
ul skypink
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