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  • New League? Most Popular Game & Platform

    I'm thinking about trying to resurrect the site and start a league or something. First I need to find out who still plays and what the most popular game and platform is. Can everyone add which consoles they own and which game they prefer. I'll email everyone in the new year to gauge interest, but hopefully some of you will see this in the meantime.

    I'll get the ball rolling, no pun intended!


    Don't mind FIFA or PES

  • PES2012 Demo out !!!!

    Yo members of PSL,
    the Demo of the new PES is out. Follow that link and download it from evo-league. The link to the download is in the first post.

  • Ubisoft Working on a Football Game to Rival PES & FIFA


    This news first broke at the end of January, but in case any of you missed it, French developer Ubisoft are currenty working on a new football game to take on PES and FIFA. There's not much info available but it is supposedly going to be released at the end of the year, so this will probably mean it will actually be out sometime in 2011.

    If it's any good it could spell the end for PES in Europe. France is probably the biggest market for PES and Ubisoft are bound to push their title heavily in their own country. What with PES going downhill over recent years any decent football game could easily usurp PES as the next best footy game behind FIFA. Who knows, it could even end up being better than FIFA.

  • PES6J Down for Good?

    The PES6J site has been down for much of the day and I haven't been able to find out what's going on. If anyone knows, please post.

    We can still play online via Moon's Goalserver app and Hamachi, more details of which can be found here:


    Get Hamachi here, I believe it's the unmanaged version you want. ... nload.aspx

  • PSL PES 6 Season 12 Now Underway!


    The latest PSL season is now underway with a nice selection of PSL players taking part. It looks like Akaash and Markey will be the main contenders for the title but after such a long break who knows what will happen?

    The majority of players like to play of an evening around 9pm, so try to arrange your games and be in the chat room then.

    Check your fixtures and arrange your games here:


  • X-Mas Tourney on Evo League (PES 6)

    Ike asking for interested people, that would like to play a x-mas tourney. Any1 who wanna join, use the link above.